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The Learning Platform

Use the learning press platform for new clients, existing clients, or discharged clients.  Help your clients maintain their progress from therapy.  Charge them a fee or provide the course as a therapy add-on.

Or use the learning platform to draw in prospective clients.  It’s a great way to expand your services.

Your Students

Your students can attend class on their schedule.

  They can learn what they need to grow and be successful on their own terms.  The student-portal is a useful tool for viewing videos, turning in quizzes and assignments.  Use the drip feature to schedule assignments.  The dashboard gives you and your students an overview of their courses, assignments, and day.  It’s one of the platforms available on WordPress.

Instructor Requirements

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Must have a graduate degree in one of the behavioral health fields.


Have a minimum of 2 years work experience.


Must have a teacher's heart and a desire to teach others. You need to have the available time to respond to emails and questions.


Send a copy of your CV or resume to Dr. Jenkins at


The Relationship School will collect 10% of your listing price unless it's free. You will receive a 90% commission on the courses you author.


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After I had my second child, I didn’t want to work full-time for my agency. Thanks to the Relationship School and presenting online courses, I was able to transition to part-time clinical work. Now I can add as many courses as I want and still have the lifestyle I want. Thanks for the platform Dr. Jenkins.

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