Bed Survey Results

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  • Follow the link to the active survey.

  • Find out how the size of beds influences relationship connections.

  • Discover major contributing factor for relationship connection and sexual frequency.

  • Review the research results.

  • The results surprised me and forced me to change my bedtime routine.

Course Content

Total learning: 5 lessons


Marriage & Family Therapist

Dr. Dave Jenkins earned his Doctor of Ministry and Master of Divinity from Amridge University in Montgomery, AL. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has a certified in sex therapist. He retired from the US Army after serving for 20 years on the active duty as a mental health counselor and medic. During his enlistment, he served at Fort Leavenworth within the military’s maximum security prison, deployed to Afghanistan managing the Combat Stress Clinic. In 2012, he founded Family Room Services which is now the Fredericksburg Relationship Center, a treatment facility dedicated to ministering to the needs of marriages and individuals, and training the next generation of counselors. Dr. Dave regularly practices what he preaches as he has been married to the woman of his youth, for 25 years.

$29.00 $17.00
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