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Therapy Is Expensive, Check Out Our Big Idea

Traditional therapy is expensive especially when your insurance does not cover the cost of couples therapy or sex therapy.  Very few insurance providers cover this vital relationship treatment.  More often therapy providers are opting out of the insurance hassle because they are not being paid or reimbursed for their services.  Some insurance providers offer out-of-network coverage.  Check your policy.  I would love to hear from you in the comments below regarding what you discover.

Since the Fredericksburg Relationship Center (FRC) specializes in couples and relationships, we do not accept insurance or third-party payments.  The FRC understands the cost of therapy can be expensive.  We see therapy as an investment that is far less expensive than the pain and costs of divorce.  We are committed exploring ways to reduce the costs while keeping the highest quality of care and staff.  Therefore we want to introduce you to The Relationship School.


Not ready for therapy, how about taking a class.  We’ve created The Relationship School to give clients what they need at a reasonable price because not everyone wants or can afford psychotherapy.  Sometimes all you need is a little education and information.  The Relationship School has live webinars, on-demand webinars, classes, courses, discussion groups, and downloads.  We are committed to adding relevant content and material.  All our instructors are professionals with real-life experience in their fields of study.


The Relationship School offers many products for free.  Some are for a one-time purchase.  However, all products are free with a membership.

Membership Options

Membership comes in two options, Monthly and Annual.  Both provide the same benefits.

  • The Monthly Membership costs $59.
  • The Annual Membership costs $359.  (That is nearly a 50% savings)

Therapy Discounts

We don’t want to discourage therapy; quite the opposite.  The membership provides a discount for therapy.  Just like Amazon Prime, our membership entitles it’s members to freebies and discounts.  Since our goal is to save you money, new and existing clients of the Fredericksburg Relationship Center will receive a 25% discount off each session when they pay online using the discount code.

Start saving today, get your membership.

Dr. Dave Jenkins earned his Doctor of Ministry and Master of Divinity from Amridge University in Montgomery, AL. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist and has a certified in sex therapist. He retired from the US Army after serving for 20 years on the active duty as a mental health counselor and medic. During his enlistment, he served at Fort Leavenworth within the military’s maximum security prison, deployed to Afghanistan managing the Combat Stress Clinic. In 2012, he founded Family Room Services which is now the Fredericksburg Relationship Center, a treatment facility dedicated to ministering to the needs of marriages and individuals, and training the next generation of counselors. Dr. Dave regularly practices what he preaches as he has been married to the woman of his youth, for 25 years.

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